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Red Ale - American Amber / Red. 5.7% ABV. Buffalo Bayou brewing. We call 1836 a "Copper ale" because it's copper colored, but it fits no specific style. Much like Houston, "1836" is one of a kind. This blend combines our three favorite brewing traditions: the British bitters, the belgian Trappist ales, & the American hop movement. In honor of Texas independence day, this brew is our pride and joy. This beer combines two of our favorite flavors: a sweet and toasty measure of victory malts counter-balanced with the earthy, woody, powerful, but balanced aromatics of citrusy & floral American & British hops. The bready, biscuit flavors of victory malt (an American spin the belgian biscuit malts) finishes clean leaving a dry roast on the mouthfeel. Pint