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Watermelon Cider


Cider - Other Fruit. 5% ABV. Austin Eastciders. Seasonal - available for a limited time! Austin eastciders watermelon cider is a crisp cider made with real watermelon and a blend of heirloom bittersweet apples and American dessert apples. Additional notes: right in time for summer, our watermelon cider is a balanced and slightly sweet cider with a refreshing finish. Grab a slice of this picnic-ready, limited-release offering before heading out to the river, lake, or your backyard with friends. -Flavor: crisp apple, watermelon, tart, honeydew melon, with a dry finish -aroma: fresh cut watermelon with notes of cucumber -food pairings: light Greek salads, oysters, thai noodle dishes, and light sorbet. 12 oz can